Saturday, December 30, 2017

Way2Real LuchaKliq presents the Luchadora of the year award to Toni Storm.

2017 has been an awesome year for women's wrestling, and none have shined as brightly as New Zealand’s Toni Storm. One of PROGRESS’ top stars and one of the most in-demand women’s wrestlers in the world, Storm had one of the best years in history for a wrestler, male or female. Storm not only appeared in the WWE Mae Young Classic, but by won both prestigious Stardom tournaments in Japan – the Cinderella and 5★Star Grand Prix – as well as capturing Stardom’s top prize, the Wonder of Stardom Championship. The storm isn't coming, it's already here, and the way2Real LuchaKliq and are proud to award the Luchadora of the year 2017 title to Toni Storm.

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