Sunday, July 3, 2016

#WWE Paige nude leaks?

So apparently there is an unconfirmed leak of nude pics of WWE wrestler Paige, as well as a mention of an alleged sex tape featuring Paige and former WWE star Brad Maddox  Is it real? no idea, but there have been other pictures added that show what is clearly paige with the same phone cover, so maybe. more on this as it becomes available. Honestly this is kind of shitty, to me, because it's rude as fuck, and someone's privacy may be being infringed on, but if we are going to purport to be uncut, uncensored, and a news source, it's our obligation to report this story. We will NOT ever host the pictures here or do anything that would infringe upon the privacy of another, as a policy. In fact i am not even going to link to the pics, and removed them, because it just feels shitty and sleazy and i just don't give a fuck about the clicks and attention enough to participate in the spreading of this bullshit. does that make this clickbait? i don't even fucking know anymore, but i would rather not feel like a douche by posting the pics, while still feel like i have some journalistic integrity type thing going on and just reporting the story. you're already on the damn internet, you can find that shit your own damn self if that's your kink.

Someone made a fake Bobby Heenan twitter account, and one of his wife as well, and oddly twitter verified it. We spoke with Bobby's wife who confirmed it was fake, and thanks to Sid Vicious and others the account was taken down.

Be sure to check out the LIVE #Way2Real podcast tomorrow following RAW and the #UnderTheMat show tuesday, as we will be breaking what Angry Mark calls the BIGGEST WWE NEWS STORY EVER, as well as discussing these stories and more.